VIDEO INTERVIEW: Marcus Lasarow explains how to make CashD rain for businesses and employees


GUEST TALK: Being able to get paid at any point in the payroll cycle is something some employees have long dreamed of, and with CashD, the D might as well stand for Digital Disruption, positively changing the way employees get paid in 2022 and beyond. -of the .

CashD. Actually pronounced as “cash in”, not “Cash D” as I originally assumed, the company is a FinTech company established in Australia to offer an impressive software service that supports full-time workers, at part-timers, flexibles, casuals and contractors to access their earned money in real time, before their regular pay cycle.

CashD’s mission is simple, yet profound: to revolutionize the way people get paid, resulting in happier employees, happier employers, and better business results.

Founder and CEO Marcus Lasarow noticed there was no way for employees to control when they got paid, and seeing a real problem that some employees were trying to solve themselves via payday loan services of parallel financing, the idea of ​​CashD was born in 2018 and transformed into what is today a growing and flourishing company and platform.

CashD’s platform is naturally cloud-based and integrates with all businesses’ operational systems, validating completed work in real time and offering web interfaces, iOS and Android apps allowing businesses and employees to manage easily.

Each employee receives a CashD wallet balance which increases as employees complete their work and, using the app or web interface, can view their available balance and can withdraw at any time during the pay cycle.

The amount withdrawn is automatically deducted when running payroll, making the system simple and effortless, and safeguards can be put in place so that only a maximum percentage of the money owed can be withdrawn to the payroll. advance, so that the employee does not run out of money before the end of the month.

As the CashD solution supports all employment commitments – full-time, part-time, flex workers, casuals, and contractors to access their earned wages in real time – employees can better align their income and expenses by accessing to a portion of their accrued salary, prior to payday.

It goes back to how things used to be when employees were given an envelope of cash for the day’s work, modern systems have wiped out and payday loans complicate with exorbitant interest rates, credit checks expensive credit and the danger of debt traps, all of which CashD completely eliminates.

It’s another shining example of the power of data, fintech innovation, modern payment systems, cloud platforms and applications, all working harmoniously together to build a system that delivers real value, making the lives of accountants, managers and company employees decidedly easier.

Even better, CashD enjoys huge popularity with companies and their employees, generating much happier employees who feel more valued, leading to increased employee well-being and productivity for better business results.

To find out more, we spoke with the founder and CEO of CashD, Marcus Lasarowwhose laser-focused focus on business improvement delivered truly impressive innovation, and a much more in-depth interview that explains everything well and during which we both have a really good conversation!

That interview is embedded below, after which is a summary of the topics we talked about, so please watch and read on!

  • I started by introducing and welcoming Marcus, and learning what CashD does, how it works, and the problems it solves gracefully.
  • How CashD integrates with all existing payroll and corporate systems, ease of implementation, setup costs, and different ways employees get paid, including web interface and apps.
  • Marcus shared the flash of insight that gave him the idea to start the business, as well as the history of the CashD name and customer success stories.
  • We looked at the abbreviated version of the customer onboarding process and Marcus shared more about CashD that we haven’t covered yet.
  • Then we went over my usual ending questions about Marcus’ history in the tech world and what got him interested in finance, memories of his first computer and how he sees CashD evolving. over the next two years – then into the 2030s, when the metaverse is expected to be everywhere and accessible via augmented reality and mixed reality glasses that are expected to be as common as smartphones and tablets today.
  • We finished by finding out the best advice Marcus has received in life to help him get to where he is today, and his final message to iTWire viewers and readers, as well as his current customers and partners. and future.

So to find out more, learn some great business tips, see how a company grew from a start-up to a successful fintech that’s about to announce a very impressive deal, don’t miss this great video interview with CashD Founder and CEO Marcus Lasarow above!


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