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SHARON — The status quo prevailed on opening night of the annual Section 2-A Wrestling Tournament.

At Sharon High on Friday night, perennial powerhouse Reynolds took the lead in the tag team standings, 64.5-64, over rival Greenville. Titusville (62) followed.

In the quarterfinals, Cole Karpinski (189) of Greenville and Jalen Wagner (172) of Reynolds pinned, as did Connor Saylor (138) and Carter Gill (145) of Hickory; Sharpsville’s Alex Rueberger (126), Commodore Perry’s Wyatt Lazzar (132), Grove City’s Hunter Hohman (152) and Conneaut Area’s Collin Hearn (160).

The annual tournament resumes this morning at 9:15 am with the consolations of the 2nd round, followed by the semi-finals and the quarter-finals and consolation semi-finals. 3rd, 5th, and 7th place seedings begin at 3:30 p.m. The 2-day, 12-team affair concludes with the Parade of Champions at 5:30 p.m. and the Championship Finals.

Eric Mausser is the competition director.

For results, visit FloArena on the Internet.

Team Ranking and Key: Reynolds (R) 64.5; Greenville (G) 64; Titusville (T) 62; Commodore Perry (PC) 54; hickory (H) 53; Sharpsville (Sv) 45; Slippery Rock (SR) 40; Grove City (CG) 26; Area Conneaut (CASH), Franklin (F) 20; Sharon (Sh) 18; Mercier (M) 9.

Round of 16

106 – L.Gill (H) goodbye; Enterline (SR) Dec. Doerflinger, 7-2; Zacherl (CP) defaults to Barr (GC); Dailey (F) pinned Ranalli (R), 0:30.

113 – Wise (M) goodbye; Hammerschmidt (R) pinned Christner (G), 0:31; Geibel (CP) goodbye; O’Brien (M), goodbye.

120 – Gould (CASH) pinned Patel (H), 1:04; Everett (Sh) Dec. Ross (F), 3-2; Double (SR) pinned Naser (GC), 1:18; Bell (R) pinned Wise (M), 0:55.

126 – Rüberger (Sv) goodbye; Knopp (M) pinned Medve (GC), 4:47; Schell (CASH) goodbye; Krivosh (H) goodbye; Rodgers (T) goodbye; Lynch (SR) pinned Etzel (F), 2:15; Reiser (Sh) pinned Gilmore (CP), 1:00; Wear (G) goodbye.

132 – Lazzar (CP) goodbye; DeJulia (R) pinned Hamilton (F), 2:57; Maxwell (Sh) goodbye; Bissell (Sv) goodbye; Stearns (T) goodbye; Battles (G) goodbye; Tomasovic (SR) pinned McElroy (GC), 0:33; Miller (H) goodbye.

138 – Saylor (M) goodbye; Blood (CASH) pinned Ryhal (Sv), 0:20; Kind (R) goodbye; Donaldson (T) goodbye; Kneeland (L) goodbye; Kanan (Sh) goodbye; Rice (F) pinned Kalmeyer (SR), 3:56; Hamilton (GC) goodbye.

145 – Gill (H) goodbye; McCreary (GC) Dec. Ryhal (M), 4-0; Wolfkiel (T) goodbye; Robertson (L) goodbye; Buck (Sh) goodbye; Klenke (R) goodbye; McClelland (SR) Dec. Gavin (F), 11-7; Summers (Sv) goodbye.

152 – Hohman (GC) goodbye; Peter (SR) Dec. Neofotistos (H), 6-0; Ziegler (F) goodbye; J. Covell (T) goodbye; Shepherd (M) goodbye; L.Gentile G) major Dec. Hernandez (Sv), 12-1; Schaffer (CP) pinned Groover (CASH), 1:01; Kettering (R) goodbye.

160 – Hear (CASH) goodbye; Hackwelder (GC) won. Hunyadi (H), 8-4; Heckathorne (F) goodbye; Tingley (CP) goodbye; Hacker (Sh) goodbye; V.Gentile (R) pinned Michaels (M), 0:52; Moore (G) Dec. Shamblin (SR), 8-4; Divens (Sv) goodbye.

172 – Wagner (R) goodbye; Moyer (Sv) Dec. Maani (Sh), 5-2; Stanton (GC) goodbye; Pearce (SR) goodbye; B. Covell (T) goodbye; Holland (H) goodbye; Hayne (G) pinned Marsteller (F), 2:39; Smith (CP) goodbye.

189 – Karpinski (L) goodbye; Figueroa (H) pinned Perez (SR), 2:35; Breneman (Sv) goodbye; Navarro (GC) goodbye; Osborne (CP) goodbye; Schmidt (R) goodbye; Brunst (T) goodbye.

215 – Reich (SR) pinned Mancino (H), 0:57; Karns (F) pinned Baker (T), 3:01; McCloskey (R) pinned Beadnall (Sh), 1:43; Wilson (G) Dec. Yeager (CP), 5-0.

285 – Mazurek (Sh) goodbye; Guthrie (CP) Dec. Maule (D), 6-4; Hyde (L) pinned Crawford (F), 159; Nosko (T) pinned McFarland (SR), 0:28.


126 – Rueberger (Sv) pinned Knopp (M), 0:54; Krivosh (H) pinned Schell (CASH), 4:36; Rodgers (T) pinned Lynch (SR), 0:39; Porter (L) pinned Reiser (Sh), 1:45.

132 – Lazzar (CP) pinned DeJulia (R), 2:37; Bissell (Sv) pinned Maxwell (Sh), 3:48; Stearns (G) major Dec. Battles (G), 20-6; Miller (H) pinned Tomasovic (SR), 3:58.

138 – Saylor (H) pinned Blood (CASH), 2:34; Donaldson (T) Dec. S. Gentile (R), 7-4; Kneeland (L) pinned Kanan (Sh), 0:19; Hamilton (GC) pinned Rice (F), 1:17.

145 – Gill (H) pinned McCreary (GC), 1:00; Wolfkiel (T) Dec. Robertson (G), 10-9; Klenke (R) pinned Buck (Sh), 3:46; Summers (Sv) pinned McClelland (SR) 0:42.

152 – Hohman (GC) pinned Stone (SR), 1:05; J.Covell (T) pinned Ziegler (F), 1:45; L.Gentile (G) pinned Berger (M), 2:41; Tech. dropping Schaffer (CP), 17-2.

160 – Hearn (CASH) pinned Hackwelder (GC), 4:49; Tingley (CP) pinned Heckathorne (F), 4:36; V.Gentile (R) pinned Hacker (Sh), 3:31; Divens (Sv) from. Moore (G), 5-0.

172 – Wagner (R) pinned Moyer (Sv), 0:35; Pearce (SR) pinned Stanton (GC), 2:37; B. Covell (T) of. Holland (H), 4-2; Smith (CP) Dec. Hayne (G), 3-2.

189 – Karpinski (L) pinned Figueroa (H), 0:21; Breneman (Sv) pinned Navarro (GC), 2:24; Osborne (CP) pinned Maani (Sh), 1:42; Brunst (T) Dec. Schmidt (R), 4-1.


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