Senate confirmation ensures Cabinet choices are qualified



A February 8 letter to the editor worries that President Biden is using fair hiring practices to choose who to nominate for Cabinet positions. The author says it is a dangerous effort to win votes instead of looking for the brightest and most qualified candidates.

His letter is misleading by ignoring the fact that a president only puts forward candidates. It is the Senate which decides after examining the competence of the candidate for Cabinet office.

Even in a Senate dominated by Republican martens and lackeys, some Trump cabinet candidates were rejected, leading him to install “acting secretaries” whose temporary status bypassed Senate scrutiny. In four years, the author of the letter has never commented on these absurdly unqualified political appointments. So his concern about Biden hiring women and minorities “to get votes” rings hollow at best.

Also ignoring the facts that refute his opinion, a February 7 letter to the editor predicts that Biden will financially ruin America by spending to overcome the pandemic and creating millions of jobs in an effort to catch up with world leaders in the world. national infrastructure, health care, environmental issues and new technologies. Comparing that to Republicans handing out $ 2 trillion in taxpayer money to just 33,000 of their campaign donors, I’ll take Biden’s spending of $ 1.9 trillion out of the rest of us.

Paul Heckel



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