New Royal Caribbean luxury ship adds trips to bucket list


About Royal Caribbean (RLC) eponymous cruise line, the ship matters as much, if not more, when it comes to booking vacations. Yes, the cruise line offers plenty of voyages filled with interesting ports, but that’s almost irrelevant when passengers choose to sail on Oasis or Quantum class ships.

These ships offer so much to do and so many dining options that many passengers would be happy to spend a week on the ship without ever landing in port (and some actually do). A ship like Wonder of the Seas, the cruise line’s newest, essentially takes a massive Las Vegas resort/casino and puts it on the ocean.

Yes, the ship stops at ports, but at least for departures from Miami, it’s debatable for many passengers whether it’s worth getting off at Nassau or Cozumel – two places where many frequent cruisers stop. are visited repeatedly – when they could just spend more time exploring the ship.

However, not all cruises place the ship above destinations. Royal Caribbean’s Silversea cruise line offers smaller luxury ships that can go just about anywhere on the planet. Recently, the company added a new ship to the line of this fleet and plans to go to a place most people have only dreamed of visiting (and many didn’t even know it was possible to do so). to visit.

Royal Caribbean adds a new expedition ship

Since the pandemic hit, Royal Caribbean has found itself in a difficult situation where it must both save money and build for its future. You can’t order a cruise ship with two-day delivery, so even in a time when cruises weren’t operating from US ports, the cruise line still had to invest in growing its fleet.

In the case of its latest ship, however, Royal Caribbean took advantage of another company’s misfortune. The cruise line bought the ultra-luxury Endeavour, now named Silver Endeavour, after its original owner, Crystal Cruises, went bankrupt in 2021.

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This allowed Royal Caribbean to step in and buy the ship for $275 million, “significantly below the cost of construction,” the company explained in a press release. The company, which financed the purchase over a 15-year term via an unsecured loan, said “the acquisition is expected to be immediately accretive to earnings, cash flow and return on investment.”

Basically, Royal Caribbean made a fortuitous move that allowed it to complete its fleet without paying top dollar.

Silversea Endeavor sets its sights on Antarctica

An expedition ship sails routes to destinations people dream of visiting. Silver Endeavor will live up to that by making 12 “voyages to Antarctica beginning November 21, 2022, expanding the most diverse polar offering in the industry.” Voyages aboard the ship will last from five to 20 days and “will include fly cruises on the Antarctica bridge from Silversea, as well as an extended ‘Deep South’ expedition and a new 10-day trip to the peninsula. Antarctic”.

“Among the most advanced expedition ships at sea, Silver Endeavor will elevate the expedition experience to all new levels for our guests when she sets sail for Antarctica from November 2022,” said Silverseas Senior Vice President Conrad Combrink.

The ship’s maiden sailing will be an air cruise on the Antarctic Bridge, which offers “the quickest and most direct route to the White Continent, the Silversea Antarctic Bridge allows travelers to avoid the passage from Drake, flying directly to King George Island in European Business Class Travelers will journey deep into Antarctica on five- to nine-day voyages, exploring destinations such as the Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic Strait and the South Shetland Islands,” the company said in a press release.

Combrink will accompany the ship on its maiden voyage.

“I look forward to accompanying our guests on her maiden voyage, as we fly over the Drake Passage to embark Money effort on King George Island, traveling deep into Antarctica on this landmark voyage,” he added.


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