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The bottom line

Federal lockdown moratoria put in place in response to financial hardship related to economic shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic expired on July 31, 2021. States and municipalities may have their own laws in place, so be sure to check the rules for your area.

With the expiration of federal moratoria, homeowners in areas without a separate policy in place can be evicted for not paying their rent or making their mortgage payments. However, rent relief is available and landlords should consider their options for forbearance by contacting their maintenance agent. As a reminder, Rocket Mortgage customers can log into their Account.

At the end of your forbearance, you may have several options, including a repayment plan, a deferral or partial claim, or a loan modification if immediate reinstatement is not possible. Your agent will review the options.

For more information on what to expect if you enter a forbearance following the pandemic, check out Rocket Mortgage’s COVID-19 Mortgage Relief Guide.

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