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City Council amended the Housing Department’s operating budget for fiscal year 2022 by allocating an additional $ 200,000 to the unearmarked balance of the Inclusive Housing Trust Fund for the program to cover increases in amounts. program loans up to revised loan limits.

In 2020, the Ministry of Housing launched the second unit secondary loan pilot program, funded with a total budget of $ 674,500 ($ 600,000 for loans, $ 74,500 for project management by a third).

Through this affordable housing initiative, homeowners are encouraged to create Secondary Accessory (ADU) that will be operated as affordable rental housing on their property. This program offers owners full advisory assistance for financing and project management assistance for the construction of a new ADU or the rehabilitation of an existing one. More specifically, the program offers two options: 1) financial assistance for the construction of an ADU through new construction or garage conversion; and 2) assistance in overhauling and coding an existing unauthorized ADU.

Here are the other items that passed on Monday’s consent calendar.

• A contract of $ 616,286 with High Volt Electric for the supply of labor and materials for the installation of the generator connection boxes. Pasadena Water and Power purchased three portable trailer-mounted generators to provide emergency power to water system booster stations operated by PWP in the event of a power failure due to catastrophic events or planned outages. Each generator can provide approximately 24 hours of uninterrupted power with a single tank of fuel and will be used at short notice until normal power resumes. In order to connect the portable generator to a booster station, the booster station must be equipped with a generator junction box that safely disengages the service from the fixed power supply and allows the portable generator to supply power. electricity seamlessly to the installation. This project will include labor and materials for the installation of generator branch boxes and modifications to the existing electrical system.

• Reject all bids received on September 21 in response to the tender notice to supply and deliver 12.5% ​​sodium hypochlorite for water treatment. Sodium hypochlorite was to be used at the city’s Sunset Reservoir disinfection facility. Since the launch of the official tender process in early September, PWP staff have implemented a series of operational changes in the disinfection facility that have resulted in PWP no longer needing the treatment compound for the treatment. moment.

• A contract with Calgon Carbon Corporation to supply and deliver the Wadsworth granular activated carbon groundwater treatment system for water and power service for an amount not to exceed $ 2,147,945. PWP plans to construct and operate a groundwater treatment plant to remove 1,2,3-trichloropropane (“TCP”) from the groundwater source. TCP, a volatile organic compound, is a man-made chemical that has a range of industrial uses, most notably as a binder in rocket fuel. The drinking water division of the California State Water Resources Control Board set the maximum contaminant level for TCP at 5 parts per trillion (0.000005 milligrams per liter) in 2017. In 2019, two groundwater wells in the on the east side, the Wadsworth well and the Woodbury well, had detected TCP levels that exceeded the maximum contaminant level established by the DOW. These wells only worked when the delivered water had undetected TCP levels. The Wadsworth groundwater treatment plant will be constructed on the PWP property adjacent to the existing Wadsworth well located at 115 North Vinedo Avenue.

• Modify the Housing Department’s operating budget for fiscal year 2022 by recognizing $ 150,000 in income and appropriations in the HOME Investment Partnership Act funds of the American Rescue Plan Act to implement the eviction prevention program rental aid based on tenants. Under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 passed by Congress, the City of Pasadena will receive $ 3,042,435 in one-time HOME Investment Partnership (HOMEARP) funds. The programming of the HOME-ARP funds is the subject of a separate item for consideration by the Council on the agenda of its meeting of December 13, 2021. Of the total of $ 3,042,435 in funding, a budget modification for Fiscal year 2022 in the amount of $ 150,000 is recommended as the subject of the agenda, and the balance of HOME-ARP funds will be budgeted over the next few fiscal years. These funds are earmarked for activities that provide housing, services and shelter to homeless people and other vulnerable populations. These funds are to be spent by the end of fiscal year 2030. In anticipation of the lifting of the City’s moratorium on emergency COVID-19 evictions, the City will use the HOME ARP funds to launch new aid to the city. Tenant-Based Rental (TBRA) program to help Pasadena tenants facing eviction. These funds will support the hiring of additional staff, who will be needed to administer the TBRA program.

• Modify the operating budget of the Ministry of Housing for fiscal year 2022 by adding a post of municipal services officer of limited duration and funded by a grant of 1.0 full-time equivalent (FTE) in order to provide assistance to the finding accommodation and stability services for participants in the EHV program; and approve the Temporary Policy Supplement (TPS) administratively for the EHV program. In June 2021, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) informed the city of Pasadena that it had received $ 1,914,048 in emergency housing. Bond Fund (EHV), including $ 173,328 in administrative fees, $ 1,315,620 in housing assistance payment funding, $ 43,600 in preliminary fees and $ 381,500 in service funding. This funding will support 109 EHV to provide tenant-based rent assistance for individuals and families who live or are at extreme risk of homelessness. All EHVs must be leased by September 2023. Of the total funding amount of $ 1.9M, a budget modification for fiscal year 2022 in the amount of $ 957,024 is recommended. The balance of EHV funding will be budgeted for in fiscal year 2023.

• Approve the planned rate increases effective February 1, 2022 for the Grandstand Permit Application, the Rose Bowl Admission Fee, and for the New Years Eve Business Grandstand Seat Supplement as outlined in the body of this report. According to the Pasadena City Code, the Rose Bowl admission tax, the surcharge for grandstand seats, and the grandstand permit application fee must be presented to City Council no later than December 15 and adjusted by February 1 of every year. PMC also indicates that these taxes and fees are adjusted by an amount equal to the change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area for the previous 12-month period. ending October 1. The change in the CPI for all urban consumers in the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metropolitan area increased nearly 4.6%.

• Changes to the general fee schedule for fiscal year 2022. The State of California notified the city after the publication of the agenda for the December 13, 2021 city council meeting that the fees for birth certificates and deaths will be increased by $ 4.00 and $ 3.00 respectively. A revised staff report was amended and republished as the original staff report indicated that both fees would increase by $ 2.00.

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