Online loans for companies. Types and characteristics

The financing of companies has always involved headaches and uncertainties for financial managers of companies.

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Credits for SMEs and alternatives for small and medium enterprises

Access to bank financing for Spanish companies has been reduced in recent years. The situation is aggravated in the case of credits for SMEs. SMEs are small and medium enterprises that have between 11 and 250 employees and are characterized by having certain financial limits. Due to the small size and limitations implicit in its characteristics, financing and access to credit becomes paramount to carry out the necessary investments for the growth or obtaining the necessary liquidity for the usual activity of the company. SMEs are the largest business network in our country, and despite this, they are the most difficult to find financing.

Types of banking commissions, what are the myths and the realities?

Bank commissions are one of the biggest headaches that surprise both investors seeking a return for their money, and companies seeking financing. There are many types of bank fees that are applied throughout the life of the contract, which can also drastically change the return on investment or make the loan more expensive. The bank profitability, sometimes, depends on these commissions or additional products that the entity requires to access a product or service.

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Differences between loans and loans for companies

On many occasions the financial concepts of credit and loan are often used interchangeably, but, nevertheless, they are not the same and present several important differences. If you are looking for financing, it is essential that you know the particularities that each one presents, since there are several differences between credits and loans that influence your financing decision.

10 questions on financing through crowdlending

The financing of companies had always been linked to financial institutions, a traditional market with conditions, sometimes inaccessible to the predominant market of SMEs and self-employed workers. Due to the crisis and the rise of new technologies, a new alternative for more ethical and efficient financing for companies, crowdlending, began to materialize in Spain.

Get funding by crowdlending step by step

Companies nowadays thanks to crowdlending get financing through private funds more and more in our country.

Complete guide on the external financing for the company

Financing is the act or action through which money is given to a company, organization or individual, that is, this is the contribution of money that is required to start or specify a project, business or activity. The purposes can be diverse but among them we can find: business development or new projects, new investments, cost support.