How do you choose the right mortgage loan?

Record low interest rates on mortgages give you many opportunities. You can secure low interest expenses for the rest of your life. How do you choose the right mortgage loan? The three choices A loan with a fixed interest rate of 2.5% over 30 years, that is what you as a new home buyer are […]

New mortgage loan can be good for you

Mortgage customers are unhappy after the massive increases in the rates of contributions in recent years. Therefore, the mortgage credit industry has been in the defensive for a long time, but now there may be changes on the way. Realkredit Danmark (RD) has just launched a new mortgage loan. Companies can compete on price or […]

Therefore, you pay too much for your mortgage loan

Mortgage loans are too expensive. If you do nothing, you pay too much for your mortgage. Better rules should ensure real competition for mortgage credit. What will you do if Brugsen puts the price up with 20% on all goods? What do you do if Shell deliberately sets its prices 10% higher than its competitors? […]

Mortgage loans – 3 ways to decorate your home economy

Mortgages are an important part of the economy. If you choose the right home loan, it is of great importance to your finances. Choose from 3 ways to decorate your home economy. Who determines the interest rates on the mortgage? If you choose the right loans with a risk that suits your personal finances and […]

10 advantages of mortgage loans

When it comes to getting financing, the first thing we usually think about is asking for a loan from a bank; However, there are other ways to get that extra liquidity that sometimes you need . One of them is the loans with mortgage guarantee , that, unlike the personal loans , have like guarantee […]

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