10 advantages of mortgage loans

10 advantages of mortgage loans

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When it comes to getting financing, the first thing we usually think about is asking for a loan from a bank; However, there are other ways to get that extra liquidity that sometimes you need . One of them is the loans with mortgage guarantee , that, unlike the personal loans , have like guarantee a property. Bank , a Spanish private equity company, has opted for them and offers mortgage loans to companies and individuals with which to acquire a new home, pay arrears, start a business or make profitable investments.

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What is Bank?

It is a Spanish company born in 1996 dedicated to advising on financial intermediation and the granting of loans or credits with or without collateral, mortgages and investment products.

The Tc Eurocredit services are tailored to the needs of each client and with the aim of offering customized financing for each person and circumstance. For bank each client is unique, so they study their situation and offer the most appropriate financial solution for each one .

Through a simple registration process and a detailed personalized study make possible the granting of loans of up to € 500,000.

10 advantages of mortgage loans

Bank offers multiple advantages so that getting the extra money we need is comfortable, fast and very simple. Here are the 10 reasons why applying for home equity loans can become the best solution to our problems:

  1. Personalized financial proposal
  2. Loans for any purpose
  3. Products for companies and individuals
  4. Loans of up to € 500,000 (higher amounts are valued)
  5. It is not necessary to have minimum income
  6. The return period is 5 years with the option to extend it
  7. Income is taken into account, but they are not essential
  8. Study of the situation in less than 48 hours
  9. Variety of products for multiple operations
  10. The operations are signed before a notary

We help you choose the account with less commissions, the loan or mortgage with the lowest interest, the most profitable deposit or the cheapest ADSL . We provide tips, tips and calculation tools, all completely free.

Our information is impartial, simple and constantly updated, so you know everything before anyone else in the shortest possible time. In finance … information is power!

Online loans for companies. Types and characteristics

The financing of companies has always involved headaches and uncertainties for financial managers of companies.

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Credits for SMEs and alternatives for small and medium enterprises

Access to bank financing for Spanish companies has been reduced in recent years. The situation is aggravated in the case of credits for SMEs. SMEs are small and medium enterprises that have between 11 and 250 employees and are characterized by having certain financial limits. Due to the small size and limitations implicit in its characteristics, financing and access to credit becomes paramount to carry out the necessary investments for the growth or obtaining the necessary liquidity for the usual activity of the company. SMEs are the largest business network in our country, and despite this, they are the most difficult to find financing.

Types of banking commissions, what are the myths and the realities?

Bank commissions are one of the biggest headaches that surprise both investors seeking a return for their money, and companies seeking financing. There are many types of bank fees that are applied throughout the life of the contract, which can also drastically change the return on investment or make the loan more expensive. The bank profitability, sometimes, depends on these commissions or additional products that the entity requires to access a product or service.

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Differences between loans and loans for companies

On many occasions the financial concepts of credit and loan are often used interchangeably, but, nevertheless, they are not the same and present several important differences. If you are looking for financing, it is essential that you know the particularities that each one presents, since there are several differences between credits and loans that influence your financing decision.

10 questions on financing through crowdlending

The financing of companies had always been linked to financial institutions, a traditional market with conditions, sometimes inaccessible to the predominant market of SMEs and self-employed workers. Due to the crisis and the rise of new technologies, a new alternative for more ethical and efficient financing for companies, crowdlending, began to materialize in Spain.

Get funding by crowdlending step by step

Companies nowadays thanks to crowdlending get financing through private funds more and more in our country.

Complete guide on the external financing for the company

Financing is the act or action through which money is given to a company, organization or individual, that is, this is the contribution of money that is required to start or specify a project, business or activity. The purposes can be diverse but among them we can find: business development or new projects, new investments, cost support.

Loans: everything you need to know

The Institute of Security and Social Services for Public Servants of the State of Aguascaliente,bank , is a body that provides credit to public servants, pensioners and family members of bank affiliates to help them in their development and growth.

The bank loans can be divided into three different types: Short, medium-term and long-term loans. And all of them have a free procedure to request financing.

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Short-term loans

The short-term loans are divided into two: personal and tourism . You will have an answer to your request within 1 business day.

Personal loans

To request this credit the applicant must have contributed at least 6 months of affiliation to the bank . The maximum refund time will be of 72 fortnights. You have to have a sufficient amount saved in the account to be able to request it and if you want to request a larger amount, you will have to present an endorsement.

Documents to submit

  • Present an official personal identification (professional ID, voter registration card, passport, etc.)

Tourist Loan

Image result for tourist loanWith this credit the applicant must be affiliated to the bank for a minimum of 3 months and his destination must be for a vacation. You can request a maximum of 22 times the monthly UMA to return in a maximum of 3 years. 1% of the amount you request will be charged as a guarantee that it will be returned. You also have to contract life insurance through the institute.

Documents to submit

  • Present an official personal identification (professional ID, voter registration card, passport, etc.)
  • Quotation from the travel agency
  • Affiliation account bank
  • Documentation of non-resident family members at home with a telephone number
  • Proof of address
  • Last receipt of income

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What is the monthly UMA?

The monthly UMA replaces the VSM, Times Minimum Wage, and is an economic reference of the Measurement and Update Unit . With this measure, the amount of payment of obligations is calculated. It was created to avoid a high rise in tax obligations when the minimum wage increased.

Medium Term Loans

Within these products we can find loans to buy a car, for health and education and for technology and home.

Credit for cars

The institute can offer you up to 85% of the value of a new, pre-owned or motorcycle car. The maximum credit that is delivered is 131 times the monthly UMA. They can request it the affiliates to the bank of more than 3 months and the pensioners.

Credit for Health and Education

The bank loans offer 85% financing for education up to a maximum amount of 11 times the monthly UMA and 100% for health with the possibility of requesting up to 22 times the monthly UMA. The two types of bank loans have a maximum term of 3 years.

Credit for Technology and Home

You can finance up to 85% of your home or technology project with the bank loans. The maximum amount that can be required is 14 times the monthly UMA with a return period of between 1 and 3 years. It is required to contract a life insurance through the institution. To opt for this help it is necessary to present the budget of the project.

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Mortgage credit

The Bank Hipotecario loans are intended for the purchase of houses or land to build and to carry out reforms in the house.

If you are a public servant or pensioner affiliated to thebank, you can request up to 436 times the monthly UMA, without exceeding 85% of the appraised value. The income of the applicant and the spouse is also taken into account to determine the total amount to be delivered. The maximum repayment term will be 20 years and the interest rate will be updated in January and July. This procedure is done in person.

Documents to submit:

  • Present an official personal identification (professional ID, voter registration card, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of income or payroll
  • Commercial Appraisal
  • Certificated of assessment fredom
  • Water bill
  • Birth certificate and marriage certificate if married
  • Present simple scripts
  • Letter of promise of sale
  • Sales identification
  • Mortgage loan application form

As you can see, the Institute of Security and Social Services for Public Servants of the State of Aguascaliente has a wide range of financing. However, a large number of people can not opt ​​for these products for not being a pensioner affiliated with the Institute or not being a public servant. From bank we show you other transparent financing options :

Bank advises moderation in consumption and caution before loans to face the January slope

Bank advises moderation in consumption and caution before loans to face the “January slope”

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  • The Murcia Association of Consumers and Users has developed a series of recommendations to encourage savings in order to help consumers and users to face the dreaded “January slope” as, for example, ask for moderation in consumption and caution before the loans, according to sources of this organization in a statement.


The Murcia Association of Consumers and Users (Bank) has developed a series of recommendations to encourage savings in order to help consumers and users to face the dreaded “January slope” as, for example, ask for moderation in consumption and caution before the loans, according to sources of this organization in a statement.

In this sense, Bank has pointed out that it is very important that families “learn to value the need to moderate consumption, as well as being cautious before the mirage of small claims and high interest loans, because although they represent A short-term solution to meet specific needs or wishes can become a problem for many families that already have high levels of debt. ”

Image result for personal loanIn the first place, Bank advises to reduce its costs to the maximum since, to avoid surprises, “it is preferable to adjust the expenses to their income level and, as far as possible, create a monetary cushion”.

Secondly, it is advisable to take into account that the difference between income and monthly expenses “is the money that is available to assume new debts, installment payments and card purchases, among others”. The debts, above that amount, “will cause a prior situation of indebtedness”, as the consumer organization warns.

In third place, Bank urges to rationalize the fixed expenses since “it is also very important to learn to save in the purchase of food, avoiding, for example, the purchase of precooked products, normally more expensive, thus enhancing the traditional cuisine” .

As far as possible, Bank urges to pay for purchases made in cash, avoiding the excessive use of credit cards, since the unlimited use of these “can generate a compulsive and irrational consumption in the consumer”.

Regarding the use of the credit card, Bank considers it advisable to “value how many you have and reduce the amount to save money, as well as annual maintenance fees”. In the case of the family unit, it is advisable that its members “not operate with more than two bank accounts or financial entities, as well as take into account the costs of maintaining them”.

Before hiring a loan, Bank points out that the conditions of the loan, such as “interests, terms or clauses” must be known and carefully evaluated, since “it is important to read, before signing, the fine print”.

If a consumer loan is to be purchased,Bank has indicated that “it has to be previously evaluated to what extent the fixed expenses increase and the true need for the product or service to be acquired, as well as studying the possibility of modifying the interest rates through other channels, in order to save interest and monthly fee “.

Asimsimo, advises “to pay special attention to the so-called fast credits or money ‘express’, since” this type of credits charge high fees and interest, so they end up being much more expensive than consumer loans. “

Benefits of personal loans

Personal loans in many cases are the best option to get out of the economic problems that can arise in the day to day, are granted to a person without any guarantee (money in advance or mortgages).

Personal loans have the following benefits

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  • They get you out of trouble at the moment you need them.
  • You can choose the amount of money you want.
  • You do not need to mortgage anything, your credit history is enough to support your request.
  • You choose the date on which you want to pay the loan.
  • You do not need a guarantor.
  • You can check interest and additional costs in advance.
  • The requirements necessary to make an application are minor.

If you want to access a personal loan, please bear in mind that before being approved, the entity you entered will study your credit history.

Among the entities that exist in addition to banks to offer personal loans are private companies that operate over the internet. These companies usually provide facilities to customers, such as the delivery of money in a very short time and directly into the customer’s bank account.

Image result for personal loanAmong private companies online there is bank with loans ranging from 120,000 pesos to 750,000 pesos, which are disbursed in less than 24 hours and you choose the time in which you want to pay.

Before applying for a personal loan, make sure your financial situation is appropriate and in this way your application is approved.

Remember that this type of personal loans seek to help you in the economic inconveniences that you may have in your daily life, do not forget to access them if you have any need.